Updated Feb 17, 2022 

The committee that has put together this plan has tried to take into account the safety of our members, staff, and volunteers and will only work well with help from everyone entering the facility.  It takes effort from everyone to make sure that we stay safe and healthy, thank you.

This plan has been formulated using the direction and guidelines set forth by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), Curl BC, Curling Canada, and viaSport.

The first time all members enter the Merritt Curling Club, everyone will be required to sign waivers, declaration of compliance, illness form (3 forms also attached, plus 1 for child) and show proof of vaccination and payment. PHO in effect for ages 22 and over and there will be no exemptions, proof of 1st vaccine by Sept 13, BC Vaccine Card accepted only after Sept 26, 2nd vaccine by Oct 24, (viaSport ruling (July 1) – youth participating in sport that is primarily intended for adults must be double vaccinated).

Masks are mandatory (ages 5 and up) and social distancing in place.

Illness Protocol

  • All Participants are not to enter the curling club if:
  • You are ill, show any COVID symptoms (fever, chills, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste) or are awaiting test results
  • You have been in contact with anyone who is ill, presents COVID symptoms or are awaiting test results
  • You have been advised to self isolate
  • All Participants must notify their Skip, league representative or MCC executive if any of the above situations apply to them.
  • Players will not be allowed to participate for 10 days (or until cleared by a health authority) under any of the above situations.
  • Ill participants are to arrange for healthy Spares to take their place during their convalescence/isolation.
  • Refer to the MCC (Merritt Curling Club) Illness Policy and utilize the BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool (


  • Bonspiel dates set, protocols may change, an update may be necessary closer to dates 

Personal Protection/ Hygiene

  • As of Oct 29th, 2021, masks are required in all indoor public spaces in BC, for people 5 and older, by order of the PHO. While the order does allow for the removal of masks during physical activity, or while seated at a table in a restaurant/pub/bar, Curl BC does recommend that curlers keep their masks on as much as possible indoors.
  • Participants are advised to avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth and to wash their hands before and after participating
  • Participants are to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or into their elbow when coughing or sneezing
  • Participants are to use hand sanitizer when entering the curling club, then before, between and upon completion of games
  • Hand sanitizer will be located at strategic locations through-out the facility
  • Participants are to be mindful of common surfaces and limit touch points
  • Washrooms, foyer and lounge will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.


    • The use of personal curling gloves at all times is recommended
    • Participants must use their own equipment; no sharing of equipment.
    •  Participants are responsible to clean and disinfect their Rocks after their game.
    • Participants are to bring their own water bottle if needed.


        • All spectators must be seated and show proof of vaccination, masks mandatory.
        • Junior lessons, spectators welcome only if fully vaccinated, masks mandatory.

        Arrival/Departure at the Curling Rink

        • Participants are to collect all garbage/recycling and place it in the appropriate bin after the game

          Facility Use

          • Participants are to follow all on-site signage and direction
          • Participants are to enter and exit through the designated access point
          • Participants are to consume beverages within the licensed areas.
          • Employees and volunteers are encouraged to wear gloves when prepping and maintaining the ice surface

            Lounge/Bar – closed Dec 21 as per PHO and Curl BC)

            • The Lounge/bar will remain open to limited use through the initial phase of the re-opening. Lounge employees and volunteers with Serve It Right, are to follow strict cleanliness protocols when serving.
            • Masks mandatory unless seated.
            • 1 person with serve it right behind bar on a rotation basis
            •  Cashless bar, preferred debit, will accept exact cash, no change

            Social Distancing During the Game

            • Instead of a handshake, give a friendly wave or tap brooms to start and finish games
            • Curl BC recommends 1 sweeper, team can decide. Please be aware of your surroundings and don’t crowd the house.  ● Skip or vice skip (both teams) may sweep any stones behind the tee line.
            • Once you determine the two rocks you are going to throw at the beginning of the game, those are the only rocks you are allowed to throw, there will be no changing of rocks during the game
            • Once the final rocks have been thrown the Thirds are responsible for the clearing of their Rocks from the house.
            • Measuring tools can be used, but must be immediately sanitized after each use. Sanitizer will be kept at the end of each rink.
            • Do not use “community” coins to decide last stone advantage in the first end. Or use online tool:

            Control Measures

            • The Board members are responsible to ensure all protocols are being followed.
            • Skips/League Representatives are to inform MCC executive if any of their team players are showing any symptoms of COVID 19, or have been exposed to anyone showing symptoms in the past 10 days.
            • Skips/League Representatives are to inform the MCC executive if any of their team players are not adhering to the protocols put forth by the league.
            • Anyone entering the facility must sign in or they will not be allowed in building


              • Participants are to be supplied with a copy of the Safety Plan, Illness Policy and the BC self assessment tool ( These documents will be posted on the MCC website (, located under the COVID19 Action Plan.
              • Participants will be required to sign a waiver (over the age of Majority), waiver (under the Age of Majority), Declaration of Compliance, and MCC Illness Policy, stating that they agree to abide by the Return to Curl Policies and that there may still be risks associated with curling.
              • Skips/League Representatives will keep in contact with the MCC executive regarding any COVID issues to ensure a timely response.
              • There will be no refunds due to having to be self isolated, and any other refund requests will be looked at by the Board at the end of the season

              League Specifics

              • At the end of game one player from each team will use a sanitizing cloth to sanitize the rocks for the next game

              Monitoring and Updating

              • The Merritt Curling Centre executive will monitor and update our plans as necessary. Things may change as the season progresses. If any new area of concern is identified, or if it seems like something is not working, the MCC executive will take steps to update our policies and procedures accordingly.
              • We would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience to help us get thru these abnormal times
              • We wish everyone good curling and stay safe and healthy