Canadian Stick Curling Association (CSCA) Rules

(1) The CSCA applies the Rules of Curling for General Play, as approved by Curling Canada with the following exceptions:

(a) Each team is comprised of two (2) players regardless of gender.

(b) One (1) member of each team stays at each end of the rink, and must not cross centre ice (except as provided for in 20(1)(j)).

(c) The two (2) delivering curlers alternately deliver six (6) stones each per end, while their teammates skip that end. Then the roles are reversed. All games are six (6) ends.

(d) Each stone must be delivered with a delivery stick, from a standing or sitting (in a wheelchair) position.

(e) A stone is in play when it reaches the hog line at the delivering end.

(f) A stone that has not reached the hog line at the delivering end may be returned to the player and redelivered. The player will redeliver the same called shot and ice.

(g) Sweeping/brushing is not allowed between the hog lines.

(h) The first three (3) stones delivered in any end may not be removed from play before delivery of the fourth stone of that end. When a stone(s) is removed from play prior to the fourth stone of the end, directly or indirectly and without exception, the delivered stone is removed from play and any other displaced stones replaced as close as possible to their original position(s).

(i) Each team may call a maximum of two (2) ninety (90) second time-outs (and meet at centre ice) during a game. During any extra end, one (1) ninety (90) second time-out per team is allowed. Whenever a time-out is called, the opposing team may consult near centre ice at the same time.

(j) In case of a tie, an extra end is played, with each player delivering three (3) stones. The curlers then exchange roles at the mid-point of an extra end to complete the end.


Curling Canada Rules of General Play – effective September 2018, expires August 2022

Triples Rules

Rules to coming soon.