It is truly amazing on how many volunteers it takes to run MCC. This club survives on the hard work of its volunteers and so below is a list of the committees we are looking to fill up and have more than one volunteer per committee. There are options to suit your skill set or your time availability. We just need to know what area you would like to volunteer to give back to the club. Please have a look at them and the descriptions and let me know if you are interested, thanks.


    • Pay bills, liquor license, etc.
    • Update signing authorities on bank accounts
    • Post entries to Simply accounting program
    • Update society members and by-law changes online
    • Prepare income statements/balance sheets monthly to board and grant applications
    • Keep financial records – 7 years
    • Balance bar receipts

    BAR COMMITTEE – Rick Olsen/Bob Taylor

    • Oversee the budget
    • Help with ordering stock
    • Co-ordinate the return of empties
    • Volunteer when short hours
    • Help with scheduling if needed
    • Help with training, hiring, if needed
    • Restocking bar
    • Picking up supplies for bar
    • Take home dirty laundry, wash and bring back
    • Ensure bartenders have serving it right and are trained
    • Organize and order the tags for league trophies and bonspiel trophies
    • Answer phone calls


    • Check website emails/club answering machine and forward to appropriate person/committee – Susan
    • Take minutes at board meeting and send by email to board
    • Print and post bonspiel notifications from other clubs
    • Check boards and refresh as needed

    REGISTRATION COMMITTEE – Susan Newton/Kathryn Olsen

    • Volunteer at the club during registration time
    • Help input all registration forms to new website
    • Ensure by the end of October all member fees and lockers have been paid and help with the reminders


    • Help with cleaning during bonspiels weekends
    • Help organize volunteers to clean prior to beginning of season open and close of season
    • Help organize volunteers at Christmas time to do a once over cleaning
    • Maintain kitchen cleanliness upstairs and downstairs, replenish bathroom supplies

    WEBSITE – Susan Newton

    • Update when necessary


    BONSPIEL COMMITTEE (need 3 volunteers)

    • Organize bonspiels during the season
    • Create new ideas for bonspiels
    • Organize volunteers to help with bonspiels
    • Post bonspiel sign up sheets and email and mail other clubs
    • Call and email teams with draw times
    • Make up the draw


    • Acquire league coordinators to organize each league and report to board member any concerns
    • Juniors – Josee Warren
    • Seniors – Pat Tombe
    • Men’s – Doug Turvey
    • Ladies – Deb Phillips
    • Doubles – Rene Thomsen
    • New Stick curling –
    • New Triples – Al Lens
    • Post league draws up on website
    • Work with league coordinators with their 50/50 draws - Paul (Curl BC)
    • Zone 7 Rep – Paul

    FACILITY COMMITTEE – Paul Montgomery

    • Look after Christmas party bookings for first aid courses, kitchen, bartender (ensure they have serve it right)
    • Arrange billing, payment, dates, key to facility, keep records


    • Advertising for in Ice logos and ice signage
    • Order stock in on an as needed basis or special orders
    • Ensure brooms, stop watches, grippers are in stock
    • Ensure grippers have been replaced for the club use
    • Do inventory at the beginning and end of year

    BUILDING MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE – Jerry Sanders/Paul Montgomery/Bob Taylor

    • Negotiate ice contract
    • Work closely with the Ice Technician regarding maintenance needs and costs
    • Call in volunteers to do maintenance that their skill sets match
    • Acquire quotes for work and projects needing to be done
    • Help with install and take down if required
    • Work with Ice Technician to budget what is needed for repairs, equipment, supplies
    • Review ice plant  – maintenance every season
    • Volunteer through events, or help find ice volunteers
    • Put up and take down advertising signs
    • Furnace maintenance

    ADVERTISING COMMITTEE – Susan Newton/Al Lens

    • place ads in the newspapers and radio for beginning of season
    • place pictures for winners of bonspiels in newspaper, Facebook, and website
    • update website regarding calendar, spiels, events, front page, photos, etc.
    • find time to take random photos of leagues to update on website
    • street mall setup and presence 

    GRANT WRITING COMMITTEE – Jerry Sanders, Susan Newton, Josee Warren

    • lookup grants
    • write grants

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